Plant materials, previously rated Viable, that have little chance of survival in a healthy and attractive manner after injury sustained during salvage, transplanting, or construction operations.
   Days of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. To apply days to a review schedule, the day of the event or act from which the designated period of time begins shall not be included. The last day of the designated period shall be included, unless it is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, in which event the period runs to the end of the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. When a designated period of time is less than ten days, intermediate Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays shall not be included. Holidays are those recognized by the City of Tucson.
   The act of giving a gift or donation to another or entity.
   The act of giving a gift or donation to another or entity and that such gift or donation has been accepted.
   The number of residential units per .
Design Grade
   An elevation or series of elevations that provide the minimum modification of natural or that allows safe and appropriate access, drainage, and .
Design Professional
   A registered architect with historic preservation experience employed by or under contract with the .
Detached Sign (7A)
   Any sign not supported in whole or in part by a building or structure other than a sign structure that is supported wholly by the ground.
Developable Area
   The land area of a controlled by a single landowner or entity at the time of issuance of permits or approval of a if subdividing the property, including those areas which are as natural areas within a Hillside (HDZ) area, but exclusive of any floodway property as described in Chapter 26, Division 1, Floodplain and Hazard Area Regulations, of the Tucson Code. Those areas within a floodway shall be included in the developable area where the Planning and Development Services Department Engineer has approved construction of a principal or of an accessory or .
Developing Area
   An area where less than 50% of the linear of all property, excluding alleys and drainageways, located on the same side of the and within the same as the proposed is occupied by principal that conform to the minimum front perimeter required for the applicable zoning classification or .
Developing Area Setback
   A term used to describe the required from a applicable where a exists.
   Any human to the state of land, including its vegetation, soil, geology, or hydrology, for any residential, commercial, industrial, utility, or other use, such as, but not limited to, clearing, grubbing, or of land, and structural , e.g., , walls, fences, signs, and .
Development Inventory Report (DIR)
   A DIR is a report using narrative, maps, graphics, tables and other informative means in describing existing conditions, needs assessments and other useful background information regarding the , resources and other pertinent characteristics of the property within the proposed PCD District.
Development Project
   Any residential, commercial, industrial or or that is submitted to the for approval or for permit.
Development Zone
   As used in Section 5.8, "H" Historic Preservation (HPZ), Section 5.10, Neighborhood Preservation (NPZ), and, Section 5.11, Rio Nuevo District, (RND), a certain designated area to the to be developed. Public and institutional within development zone are not considered to be part of the development zone when evaluating proposed on an property, except for public and institutional on or eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. The development Zone is determined as follows: (See Illustrations below.)
Interior Lot            Corner Lot            Boundary Lot
   •   Where the subject is an interior , the development zone includes that , all on either side of that and fronting on the same in the same , and all those on the opposite side of that , except such portions of the development zone that fall outside the boundary of the HPZ, NPZ, or the RNA.
   •   Where the subject is a corner , the development zone includes that , the corner lot diagonally opposite that , all fronting on the same two in the same , and all on the opposite sides of those , except such portions of the that fall outside the boundary of the HPZ, NPZ, or the RNA.
   •   Where the subject is located adjacent to a historic , the development zone includes that , all located within the same , and those facing the same as the subject lot within one in either direction, except such portions of the zone that fall outside the boundary of the HPZ, NPZ, or the RNA.
Digital Sign (7A)
   A sign component whose informational content such as symbols, logos, graphics, and words can be changed or altered by electric, electro-mechanical or electronic means.
   The chief executive officer of a department.
Discontinued (7A)
   A sign or sign structure is discontinued where it is not used for a consecutive period of six months or more, and where the period of non-use is attributable in whole or in part to the owner of the sign or premises, regardless of whether the owner intends to abandon the sign.
   To furnish with a false appearance or to alter in such a manner as to hide the true character of an object.
   A that has zoning options to encourage transit-oriented or has specific urban design standards within the . An example of a District is the Downtown Area Infill Incentive District. A "district" is also referred to as a .
District Area (DA)
   A area is a planning area within a Planned Community Development (PCD) District containing single or multiple designated and . Multiple classifications or classifications may be permitted in a DA in with applicable and the . A DA in text or table format is the same area as referenced on a map but describes the area in more specific detail. The may approve a particular definition of a DA for any individual PCD District.
Downtown Heritage Incentive Zone
   An area the boundaries of which are congruent with the boundaries of the .
Downtown Parking District
   An area the boundaries of which are congruent with the boundaries of the .
Downtown Redevelopment District
   That area as delineated by the map below.
Downtown Redevelopment District
   The line that could be drawn on the soil around a tree or shrub directly under its outermost branch tips.
   A designed and operated so as to allow to receive a service or purchase and consumer goods while remaining in a vehicle.
Drive-Through or Drive-Thru
   A designed and operated so as to allow to receive a service or purchase goods, but not consume the purchased goods on the , while remaining in a vehicle.
   A private access connecting two or fewer residential units to a .
Drought Tolerant Vegetation
   Low water-use plants which, after they are established, can survive within the Sonoran Desert climate with little or no supplemental watering.
   A large container for receiving, collecting, transporting and dumping waste materials. (See Solid Waste collection standards in the Technical Manual.)
Dwelling Unit
   A or portion of a that is designed, occupied, or intended for occupancy as living quarters exclusively for a single , which includes one or more rooms, with sleeping and sanitary facilities and one . One accessory per dwelling unit is permitted.
Dwelling Unit Sign (7A)
   A sign type located at a single family dwelling unit.
(Am. Ord. 11246, 2/18/2015; Am. Ord. 11508, 12/5/2017)