11.4.19. DEFINITIONS – R
Radioactive Material
   Any material (solid, liquid, or gas) that emits radiation spontaneously. For the purpose of this definition, radiation means ionizing radiation, i.e., gamma rays and X-rays, alpha and beta particles, high-speed electrons, neutrons, protons, and other nuclear particles.
Recreational Vehicle (R.V.)
   A unit designed to provide travelers’ accommodations built into, as an integral part of, or attached to a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis or drawn by a motor vehicle. The unit contains permanently installed independent support systems that provide at least four of the following facilities:  cooking, refrigerator or ice box, self-contained toilet, heating, air conditioning, a portable water supply system including a faucet and sink, a separate 110-125 volt electrical power supply, or an LP gas supply.
Recreational Vehicle (R.V.) Space
   An area within an R.V. park for the placement of an R.V. unit, in addition to any exclusive use area to the unit set aside for the occupants of the R.V., such as a patio or vehicular space.
Regional Park System
   Park land and associated recreational facilities and to -owned land used for active and passive recreational purposes for public use.
Regional Park (System) Improvements
   Capital that result in a net expansion of the park land or recreational facilities in regional parks that are available to the public. Remodeling, replacement or maintenance of existing equipment or facilities shall not constitute a regional park system improvement.
Rental Unit
   One or more rooms in a Travelers’ Accommodation, Lodging, facility designed for occupancy by one or more for compensation.
Repair (7A)
   To mend, renovate, or restore a sign structure to its original existing condition.
Resource Corridor
   An area running approximately parallel to the sides and banks of designated washes defined and characterized by the location of associated with the wash, plus an area of 150 feet from the edge of the on each side of the wash.
   Establishment of plants at a similar to what exists under similar topographic and soil conditions.
   To change the zoning classification of land.
   The ordered recurrent alternation of solids to voids in the facade and streetscape.
   When used in relation to natural terrain, a relatively narrow elevation that is prominent on account of the steep angle at which it rises; an elongated crest or series of crests, with or without , significantly higher than the ground.
Ridge Line
   A ground line located at the highest elevation of the running parallel to the long axis of the .
   An area reserved for a public or private use, such as, but not limited to, or and utility easements.
   Land to or within washes and drainageways that is occupied by biotic communities differing in species composition and/or from surrounding upland due to an increase in moisture and different soil conditions.
   The paved portion of a , excluding curbs. On an unpaved , the is the area set aside for motor vehicle traffic.
Roof Signs (7A)
   Signs that are erected upon, against, or directly above a roof, or on top of or directly above the parapet of a building.
(Am. Ord. 11508, 12/5/2017)