11.4.21. DEFINITIONS – T
   The tagging of plants on- to denote their identification number and their disposition, such as whether they will be preserved in place, salvaged and transplanted on- , and/or salvaged and transplanted off- .
Tandem Parking
   Two placed one behind the other with direct access from a , , , or other to only one of the spaces. (See Illustration.)
Tandem Parking
Temporary Sign (7A)
   Any sign constructed of cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard, plastic or other light material and not rigidly and permanently installed in the ground or attached to a building. Political election signs are not included in this definition.
Tenant (7A)
   The occupant of a portion of a site or structure with exclusive control over that portion, regardless of whether it is by individual ownership or lease.
   A relatively level step constructed in the face of a graded surface for drainage and maintenance purposes.
   A mast, pole, monopole, guyed or freestanding framework, or other vertical element that acts as an or to which an is affixed or attached.
   The same as “ .”
Travel Lane
   The area within a paved reserved for moving vehicular traffic.
Tucson General Plan
   Same as .
   An area of grass ground cover grown together in a thick mat.
(Am. Ord. 11508, 12/5/2017)