11.4.23. DEFINITIONS – V
Vacant (7A)
   A premises or structure:
   A.   From which the fixtures utilized in conjunction with the business activities as authorized by the last business privilege license for that address issued by the City of Tucson have been removed, or
   B.   Where the public utilities are not in service.
Valet Parking
   A service provided whereby a patron leaves his or her car for an attendant to park the car on- or at an approved off- location and retrieves it.
Vehicle-miles of Capacity (VMC)
   The product of the maximum number of vehicles that can be accommodated on a during an hour and the length of the in miles.
Vehicle Signs (7A)
   Signs mounted upon, painted upon or otherwise erected on or affixed to trucks, cars, boats, trailers and other motorized vehicles or equipment.
Vehicle Storage
   A space or that is used to house or store vehicles, which may include forklifts, moving equipment, lawn equipment, and other powered transport devices or equipment, as well as automobiles and trucks. Vehicle storage does not include commercial long-term and associated with such uses as and train stations. Vehicle storage may be a principal or .
Vehicular Use Area
   Any area of a or used for the movement, parking, or standing of motor vehicles. The vehicular use area includes access drives, maneuvering areas, refuse collection locations, loading spaces, and any and screening within ten feet of these areas.
Viable Plant
   A plant on the List that is in good physical condition with high or medium rating for health, age, and form.
   Any that are constructed or any use established on a property without zoning compliance or any under construction that are not in compliance with plans approved for zoning or other code compliance are considered a violation of this chapter. The Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD) shall enforce compliance with this chapter by suspending construction or through other available means until compliance is achieved.
Visible from the
   Not blocked from view by , , or natural features from the . An object shall be considered visible whenever it can be seen, not blocked by an intervening , vegetation, or terrain, from four  feet above the at the along the .
(Am. Ord. 11508, 12/5/2017)