11.4.14. DEFINITIONS – M
Major Employment Center
   A grouping of commercial, institutional, office, or industrial uses or any combination of such uses that are of such scale and in such proximity to each other that enables and encourages employees to use alternate modes of travel both to and from work and during daily activities (e.g., shopping, lunch, banking). Examples:  Tucson Medical Center (TMC), Park Mall, El Con Mall, Pima Community College, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tucson Mall, and the Downtown Business District.
Major Streets and Routes
   Those freeways, arterials, and identified in the .
Major Streets and Routes (MS&R) Plan
   The plan adopted by the Mayor and Council to implement the circulation element of the that identifies the general location and size of existing and proposed freeways, arterial and , , typical intersections, and and .
Major Streets and Routes (MS&R) Right-of-Way Area
   That area between the of a major or route designated as such by the . The width existing for the major or route may or may not be equal to the MS&R area and in certain situations includes privately-owned property.
Major Streets and Routes (MS&R) Right-of-Way Lines
   A line establishing the projected width for that major or route located parallel or approximately parallel to the center line of the a distance equal to one-half the width shown for that or route in the .
Master Developer
   The Master Developer is the or entity that has sole control of the property within the Planned Community Development (PCD) District at the time of application and for the implementation of the PCD District after approval.
Master Development Plan (MDP)
   An MDP is a multi-faceted plan, including a plan, resource and plan, agreement, and phasing plan that controls the overall implementation of the Planned Community Development District.
   For the purposes of applying Section 4.9.4.V, a “meal” means the usual assortment of foods commonly ordered at a restaurant at various hours of the day.
Mechanical Greenhouse
   See Greenhouse, Mechanical.
Miniature Goat
   See Goat, Miniature.
Minor Subdivision
   A that complies with the criteria established for minor in Section 8.4.3, Minor . A Minor may be accomplished with less documentation than other .
   Methods used to alleviate or compensate for the negative impact of on healthy .
Mixed Use
   A single or single of more than one that includes residential and non-residential uses. In a the different types of are in close proximity, planned as a unified complementary whole, and functionally integrated to the use of shared vehicular and pedestrian access and .
Mobile Home Space
   An area of a mobile home park with a pad and utility pedestal that is rented or sold for the placement of a mobile home and for the exclusive use of the occupants of the mobile home.
More Restrictive Zoning
   See Section 4.5, More Restrictive Zoning.
Motor Vehicle Parking Space
   An area permanently reserved and maintained for the parking of one motor vehicle.
Multiple Use
   A on a with two or more separate principal , designed, developed, and owned or managed as a single coordinated entity utilizing legally established common elements or shared facilities. Such common elements shall comply with the following standards.
•   Shared motor vehicle and pedestrian access is provided to the from a . The number of is limited to two or fewer, unless a greater number is approved by the Tucson Department of Transportation City Engineer or designee.
•   Shared pedestrian and motor vehicle circulation is provided.
•   The motor vehicle are common to all on the .
•   All common or shared facilities are legally documented for use by all on for the life of the as a .
Mural (7A)
   A piece of artwork painted on, or applied directly to the exterior walls.
(Am. Ord. 11328, 12/8/2015; Am. Ord. 11508, 12/5/2017)