11.4.16. DEFINITIONS – O
Oasis Allowance
   A certain percentage of the land area on a in which plants not listed on the Arizona Department of Water Resource’s Low Water Use/Drought Tolerant Plant List may be used and that is located where the oasis will return maximum benefit in terms of cooling, aesthetic pleasure, and exposure to people.
Obsolete Sign Copy (7A)
   Any sign copy, excluding heritage landmark signs (HLS), that no longer correctly identifies or directs attention to an existing use or product available on the premises.
Occupancy (7A)
   The purpose for which a building or part thereof is used or intended to be used.
Off-Site Sign (7A)
   A sign not located on the premises of the use identified or advertised by the sign.
   To be within property boundaries and not within a , such as a or .
Off-Street Parking
   Any space provided for vehicular parking not within the .
On-Site Sign (7A)
   A sign located on the same premises as the use identified or advertised by the sign.
On-Street Parking
   The storage space for an automobile or other motorized vehicle that is located within the .
   Opaque means that the material shall not transmit visible light.
Open Space
   Open space is the aggregate of “ (NUOS),” “ ” and “ .”
Open Structure
   Any that is open on the three sides nearest the and that does not obscure lines of sight above 30 inches or below six feet, measured from of pavement.
Outdoor Recreation Facility
   An area designed for active recreation, whether publicly or privately owned, including, but not limited to baseball, soccer, football, golf, tennis, swimming pools, and race tracks of any sort.
(Am. Ord. 11508, 12/5/2017; Am. Ord. 11803, 12/8/2020)