11.4.6.    DEFINITIONS - E
Earth Material
   Any rock, natural soil, , or any combination thereof.
   See Enclosure.
   A that confines an area. The term “enclosed ” means a enclosed with solid walls from floor to ceiling. Any wall penetrations, such as doors and windows, must include door or window fixtures that can solidly enclose the entire opening.
Environmental Resource Report
   Exhibits, maps, and written narrative that document the following:
•   The portion of the property within the ;
•   The within the corridor;
•   The location of wildlife habitat classes that may be found within the corridor as defined by the Critical and Sensitive Wildlife Habitats Map and Report;
•   Any endangered species typically found within the corridor;
•   The location of the ; and,
•   Other information, such as narratives, conclusions, and recommendations.
   The wearing away of the ground surface as a result of the movement of air, water, ice, or other disturbances.
   A fund or deposit established by the responsible , Depositor; held in trust by a third Escrow Agent; and disbursed to the City of Tucson, Beneficiary; for the fulfillment of those as described in the Escrow Agreement.
Established Area
   An area where 50% or more of the linear of all property, excluding alleys and drainageways, located on the same side of the and within the same as the proposed is occupied by principal that conform to the minimum required by Section 6.4.5.C, , for the applicable zoning classification or .
Established Area Setback
   A term used to describe the required from a applicable as follows.
      1.   When of the property is on a other than one designated a major or route by the adopted ; and,
      2.   Where an exists.
   Same as Zoning Examiner. See Section 2.2.4.
   The mechanical removal of .
Existing Grade
   The grade prior to .
Expansion of
   An increase in , area, , or , except as follows. For purposes of determining compliance with the motor vehicle and parking requirements, an increase in only is considered an expansion of .
Exposed Cut
   A cut that, upon completion of the improvement necessitating the cut, remains visible from beyond the boundaries of the or on which the cut is located.