11.4.9.    DEFINITIONS – H
Height, Patio Wall or Fence
   Same as .
Height, Structure
   Same as .
Historic Landmark
   A of the highest historic, cultural, architectural, or archaeological importance to Tucson that if demolished or significantly altered would constitute an irreplaceable loss to the quality and character of Tucson. A Historic Landmark is an outstanding or unique example of architectural style; is associated with a major historic event, activity, or ; or has unique visual quality and identification. A Historic Landmark may be located within the boundaries of or outside a historic .
Historic Site or Historic Structure
   A , , object, or , including vegetation or signs located on the premises, that:
•   Dates from a particular significant period in Tucson’s history, i.e., prehistoric, native indigenous, Pre-Colonial (before 1775), Spanish Frontier (Colonial) (1775-1821), Mexican Frontier (1821-1853), Territorial (1854-1912), Post-Territorial (1912-1920), or Post-World War I Development (1920-1945), or relates to events, personages, or architectural styles that are at least 50 years old; however, outstanding examples less than 50 years old should be evaluated on their own merits;
•   Is associated with the lives of outstanding historic personages;
•   Is associated with significant historic events or occurrences;
•   Exemplifies the architectural period in which it was built and has distinguishing characteristics of an architectural style or method of construction or is the notable work of a master builder, designer, or architect whose individual genius influenced his/her age;
•   Contributes information of archaeological, historic, cultural, or social importance relating to the heritage of the community; or,
•   Relates positively to in its immediate vicinity in terms of scale, size, massing, etc., such that its removal would be an irreparable loss to the setting.
Home Occupation
   A activity carried out for financial gain by a resident, on the resident’s property, conducted as an to the Dwelling or Mobile Home Dwelling use on the property.
Homeowners’ Association
   A legal entity established for the purpose of owning and maintaining commonly held private real property whether residential or commercial in nature.
   A living together in a , with common access to, and use of, all living, eating, , and storage areas within the .
Hula Strip Sign (7A)
A type of temporary sign that is a string of strips or pennants sewn together side-by-side.
   Cultivation of plants in nutrient solution rather than in soil.
(Am. Ord. 11328, 12/8/2015; Am. Ord. 11803, 12/8/2020)