11.4.22. DEFINITIONS – U
Undisturbed Natural Desert
   An area of land maintained in its original condition with natural desert cover, native topography, and intact.
Unified Development Code (UDC)
   Chapter 23 of the Tucson Code as adopted by the Mayor and Council establishing zoning regulations governing the use, placement, spacing, and size of land and within the corporate limits of the . Such regulations are applied on individual properties through the use of . The boundaries of these districts are depicted on the adopted . For the purposes of convenience and ease of use, the is also published as a separate book from the Tucson Code.
Unoccupied (7A)
   A premises or structure:
   A.   That is not occupied, or
   B.   That is not being put to those uses authorized by the last business privilege license issued by the City of Tucson for that address and business, or
   C.   Where the public utilities are not in service.
Upland Vegetation
   Refers to vegetation that grows outside of the floodplain, typically on low desert . Upland vegetation on south-facing typically includes the Foothill Palo Verde, Saguaro, and Ocotillo; on north facing , it typically includes the Foothill Palo Verde and Whitethorn Acacia. Some plants, such as Mesquites, are able to grow as upland and vegetation.
Urban Agriculture
   The practice of producing food locally through the cultivating, processing, distributing, selling, or of agricultural products and other related activities in the and may involve horticulture, aquaculture, and husbandry.
   Services such as gas, electric, water, telephone, and cable television.
(Am. Ord. 11328, 12/8/2015; Am. Ord. 11508, 12/5/2017)