Banners, Across the Street (7A)
   See Section 7A.6.10Signs In or Over the Public Right of Way.
Banners (7A)
   A type of portable sign that is constructed of a piece of fabric or similar material attached to the ground or to a wall by one or more edges to a pole, rod or cord.
Barrier-Free Accessibility
   Functional access for semiambulatory and nonambulatory , from a or parking space to, into, and through a .
   Same as .
   The term bedroom includes all of the following: 1) Any room that is designated as a bedroom; 2) Any room that has a minimum area of 60 square feet and has an accessible opening to the exterior of the in compliance with the International Building Code (IBC), whether termed a studio, room, study, den, bonus room, or any other name, except for a living room, dining room, , and bathrooms; and 3) Any room designated as a bedroom for the purpose of any other code requirement.
   A nonmotorized device propelled only by human power having two or three wheels, any of which is more than 16 inches in diameter.
Bicycle Locker
   A fully space of sufficient size to park a two-wheeled with its accessories accessible only to the operator of the .
Bicycle Parking Facility
   A that provides for the short- or long-term placement of bicycles.
Bicycle Parking Space
   An area designated for the use of an individual .
Billboard (7A)
   An off-site sign relating to a business, activity, use or service conducted off the site or to a product not sold on the site.
   A unit of land bounded by or by a combination of and public lands, railroad , watercourses, or other barriers to the continuity of the unit of land. A block may be comprised of one or more . A block made up of one lot may also be referred to as a lot or .
Block Plat
   A map of a that consists of ten or fewer the size of which are in with the applicable zoning requirements for .
Buildable Area
   The area of a or where a can be placed after from , , , hazards, or any other point identified and areas identified or for non- purposes, such as or , are deducted.
   A having a roof supported by columns, posts, or walls and intended for the shelter, housing, or of any , entity, , process, equipment, goods, or materials of any kind or nature.
Building Footprint
   The ground area within the outside edges of the exterior walls of a at .
Building Height
   Same as .
Building Setback
   See .
Building Site
   That area to be occupied by all and their or immediate grounds prior to any . The extremities of a are measured from the toe of any on the lower elevations as shown on the proposed plans.
(Am. Ord. 11508, 12/5/2017)