6.4.6.    RATIO
   A.   Purpose
   This Section provides a uniform method for calculating the ratio.
    (FA), as defined, does not include any interior or loading that is to the .
   B.   Applicability 
   The FAR dimensional standard applies to residential and nonresidential in the Environs Zone. The maximum permitted FARs are identified in Section 5.6. The calculations are as follows:
   C.   Measurement
      1.   General
         a.   FARs are used in conjunction with , requirements, and limitations to determine and define the bulk that may occur on a given .
         b.   The FAR provides the maximum amount of that can be developed on a . However, the maximum permitted FAR is based on the most favorable situation and may not be achievable due to other and dimensional .
         c.   The may be divided into any number of , principal , and provided the combined square footage does not exceed the permitted of the .
      2.   Calculation
         a.   Multiply the area of the , expressed in square feet, by the applicable FAR. The result is the maximum amount of permitted on the . See Figure 6.4.6-A for an example of the FAR calculation.
         b.   See the definition of " " (Section 11.4.8) and exception provided below for the types of improvements and that are and are not included in the FAR calculation.
         c.   Exception.  Any or sold at to the City for public purposes is included as part of the for calculation of , provided:
            (1)   The additional is less than ten percent of the permissible for the rest of the ;
            (2)   Such dedication was not a condition of approval for applications, such as, but not limited to, or variance requests;
            (3)   Such dedication does not include as part of a ; and
            (4)   A  deed for the area or a legally binding agreement to or sell at to the City is submitted as part of the application.
Example: Nonresidential
FAR: 0.50
: 25,000 sq ft
x FAR =
25,000 sq ft x 0.50 =
12,500 sq ft =
Figure 6.4.6-B Ratio (FAR) Calculation
(Ord. 11070, 5/14/2013; Am. Ord. 11171, 5/20/2014)