A.   Except as provided below, a or shall not over a public or public property unless the mayor and council grant a special license. licensed pursuant to this section may be displayed for up to 60 or over an alternate approved time frame. The licensee may require the removal of the within 48 hours after the advertised event or other temporary occurrence concludes.
   B.   The City Manager may grant a special license for and curbside and for that or extend over a public or over public property. in the may be reviewed and granted under the Department of Transportation's temporary revocable easement procedure.
   C.   Permits shall be obtained through the Department of Transportation.
   D.   The Mayor and Council and/or City Manager may grant special license for signage such as on buses, bus benches, bus shelters, and street cars.
   E.   No shall be attached to electric wiring or be energized by electricity.
   F.   No shall be placed upon traffic signal posts or , and no shall obstruct a motorist's view of traffic signals.
   G.   Any application for a license for a attached to utility poles or lamp poles shall include the written approval of the Department of Transportation of the and the authorized official of the public utility company owning the poles to which the devices would be attached as to the size and weight of the and the manner of attachment to the poles. and curbside shall comply with the applicable requirements of Article 7A. No shall be attached to any utility pole carrying primary circuits or to any wooden pole or public property.
   H.    licensed pursuant to this section may be displayed for up to 60 . The licensee shall remove the within 48 hours after the advertised event.
   I.   In no event may relating to more than one event be attached to any single pole.
   J.   The license shall state the location where the may be placed.
   K.   By accepting any license granted under this section, the licensee and its heirs, successors and assigns shall agree to indemnify the and shall provide proof to the of liability insurance.
   L.   The City Manager may impose such additional administrative requirements as may be necessary.
   M.   The time frame for a and an sign are regulated separately as part of the temporary revocable easement process.