General Provisions
   152.001   Title
   152.002   Purpose
   152.003   Authority
   152.004   Jurisdiction
   152.005   Effective date
   152.006   Prerequisite to plat recordation
   152.007   Relationship to existing zoning and subdivision ordinances
   152.008   Relationship to the Town of Swansboro Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Plan
   152.009   Official zoning map
   152.010   Miscellaneous regulations
   152.011   No use or sale of land or buildings except in conformity with ordinance provisions
   152.012   Fees
   152.013   Severability
   152.014   Computation of time
   152.015   Word interpretation
   152.016   Definitions of basic terms
   152.017   Rules for interpretation of zoning district boundaries
Administrative Mechanisms
   152.030   Board of Adjustment
   152.031   Land Use Administrator
   152.032   Board of Commissioners
   152.033   Planning Board
Appeals, Variances, Interpretations
   152.045   Appeals
   152.046   Variances
   152.047   Interpretations
   152.048   Request to be heard expeditiously
   152.049   Burden of proof in appeals and variances
   152.050   Board action on appeals and variances
   152.051   Continuity of action
Hearing Procedures
   152.065   Quasi-judicial decisions
   152.066   Notice of hearing
   152.067   Evidence
   152.068   Modification of application at hearing
   152.069   Voting
   152.070   Written decision
   152.071   Judicial review
   152.072   Legislative hearings
   152.073   Moratoria
   152.074   Notice of an administrative decision
   152.075   Citizen comments
   152.085   Purpose
   152.086   Nonconforming uses
   152.087   Nonconforming lots
   152.088   Extension or enlargement of nonconformities
   152.089   Change in kind of nonconforming use
   152.090   Abandonment or discontinuance a nonconformity
   152.091   Completion of nonconforming projects
Development Approvals
   152.105   Approvals required
   152.106   No occupancy, use, or sale of lots until requirements fulfilled
   152.107   Who may submit permit applications
   152.108   Applications to be complete
   152.109   Staff consultation after application submitted
   152.110   Zoning permits
   152.111   Authorizing use or occupancy before completion of development under zoning permit
   152.112   Effect of permits on successors and assigns
   152.113   Amendments to and modifications of permits
   152.114   Reconsideration of Board action
   152.115   Applications to be processed expeditiously
   152.116   Maintenance of common areas, improvements, and facilities
   152.117   Completing developments in phases
Enforcement and Review
   152.130   Complaints regarding violations
   152.131   Persons liable
   152.132   Procedures upon discovery of violations
   152.133   Civil penalties; availability of remedy
   152.134   Permit revocation
   152.135   Judicial review
Vested Rights, Permit Choice and Development Agreements
   152.150   Purpose
   152.151   Establishment of vested rights
   152.152   Permit choice
   152.153   Duration and types of statutory vested rights
   152.154   Subsequent changes prohibited; exceptions
   152.155   Miscellaneous vested rights provisions
   152.156   Development agreements
Zoning Districts and Zoning Map
   152.170   Establishment of zoning districts, and the purpose thereof
   152.171   Zoning Map is a part of this chapter
   152.172   Replacement of the Official Zoning Map
   152.173   Maintenance of the Official Zoning Map
   152.174   Only one main building, one main use on lot, and orientation of a building
   152.175   Minimum yards
   152.176   Lot subdivision
   152.177   Improvements bond
   152.178   Manufactured office buildings
   152.179   Table of permitted/special uses
   152.180   Notes to the table of permitted/special uses/conditional use districts
Table of Area, Yard, and Height Requirements
   152.195   Table of area, yard, and height requirements
   152.196   Notes to the table of area, yard, and height requirements
Special Uses
   152.210   Procedure for special use permits
   152.211   Specific criteria for certain special uses
Residential Cluster Development Regulations
   152.225   Purpose and intent; definition
   152.226   Area; permitted districts, exemption; street access; open space(s); density; dimensional standards
   152.227   Maximum density requirements
   152.228   Minimum dimensional standards
   152.229   Zero (0) side and/or rear yard setbacks
   152.230   Private streets
   152.231   Compliance with subdivision standards
Planned Unit Development (PUD)
   152.245   Minimum size
   152.246   Maximum overall density
   152.247   Open space requirement
   152.248   Residential development
   152.249   Commercial development
   152.250   Industrial development
   152.251   Procedure
   152.252   Homeowners’ association
   152.253   Amendment to site plan special use permit
   152.265   Purpose
   152.266   Application
   152.267   Computation of sign area
   152.268   Signs requiring neither permit nor fee
   152.269   Signs requiring permit but no fee
   152.270   Signs requiring a permit and fee
   152.271   Reserved
   152.272   Projection into street rights-of-way and side yards
   152.273   Prohibited signs
   152.274   Nonconforming signs
   152.275   Permits for signs
   152.276   Maintenance
   152.277   Permitted signs
Off-Street Parking and Off-Street Loading Requirements
   152.290   Purpose
   152.291   General
   152.292   Minimum Parking Requirements
   152.293   Driveways
   152.294   Off-Street Loading Requirements
   152.295   Parking Lot Interconnections
   152.296   Design Standards for Off-Street Parking and Off-Street Loading
Traffic Impact Study
   152.310   Purpose
   152.311   Conduct
   152.312   Applicability
   152.313   General requirements and standards
   152.314   Submission and implementation
Subdivision Regulations
Part I: General Provisions
   152.325   Title
   152.326   Conformance prerequisite to acceptance of streets, extension of public services, and the like
   152.327   Conformance with official plans
   152.328   Amendments
   152.329   Variances
   152.330   Enforcement and penalties
   152.331   Administrator
   152.332   Effect of plat on dedication
   152.333   Thoroughfare plan
   152.334   School sites on land use plan
   152.335   Unified development ordinance and other plans
   152.336   Exclusions and exceptions
   152.337   Procedures for plat approval
   152.338   Sight line of intersection
Part II: Standards of Design
   152.350   General
   152.351   Suitability of the land
   152.352   Lots
   152.353   Streets
   152.354   Blocks
   152.355   Utilities and stormwater management
   152.356   Sidewalks
   152.357   Pedestrian access easements
   152.358   Townhouses
   152.359   Planned unit developments
   152.360   Manufactured home subdivision
   152.361   Campground subdivisions
   152.362   Buffer areas
   152.363   Sites for public uses
   152.364   Placement of monuments
   152.365   Coordination with zoning requirements and other official municipal ordinances and plans
   152.366   Coordination with state and federal requirements
   152.367   Parks and recreation space requirements
Part III: Information Required With Subdivision Applications
   152.380   Number of review and filing copies to be submitted
   152.381   Required information on minor, sketch, and major subdivisions
   152.382   Documents and written information in addition to maps and plans
   152.383   Certificates and endorsements
   152.384   Warranties, sureties and improvements guarantees
   152.385   Wording for map certificates and statements
Flood Damage Prevention
Part I: General Provisions
   152.400   Statutory authorization
   152.401   Findings of fact
   152.402   Statement of purpose
   152.404   Objectives
   152.405   Definitions
   152.406   Lands to which this subchapter applies
   152.407   Basis for establishing the special flood hazard areas
   152.408   Establishment of the floodplain development permit
   152.409   Compliance
   152.410   Abrogation and greater restrictions
   152.411   Interpretation
   152.412   Warning and disclaimer of liability
   152.413   Penalties of violation
Part II: Administration
   152.425   Designation of Floodplain Administrator
   152.426   Floodplain development application, permit and certification requirements
   152.427   Duties of and responsibilities of the Floodplain Administrator
   152.428   Corrective procedures
   152.429   Variance procedures
Part III: Provisions for Flood Hazard Reduction
   152.440   General standards
   152.441   Specific standards
   152.442   Standards for floodplains without established base flood elevations
   152.443   Standards for riverine floodplains with BFE but without established floodways or non-encroachment areas
   152.444   Floodways and non-encroachment areas
   152.445   Coastal high hazard areas (Zones VE and V1-30)
   152.446   Standards for Coastal A Zones (Zone CAZ) LiMWA
   152.447   Standards for areas of shallow flooding (Zone AO)
   152.448   Standards for areas of shallow flooding (Zone AH)
Part IV: Legal Status Provisions
   152.460   Effect on rights and liabilities under the existing flood damage prevention ordinance
   152.461   Effect upon outstanding floodplain development permits
   152.462   Effective date
Historic District
   152.475   Purpose
   152.476   Historic District
   152.477   Swansboro Historic Preservation Commission
   152.478   Certificate of appropriateness
   152.479   Certificate of appropriateness list
   152.480   Appeals of decisions
   152.481   Zoning ordinance compliance
   152.482   Review criteria
   152.483   Certain changes not prohibited
   152.484   Demolition
   152.485   Compliance and enforcement
   152.486   Municipally owned property
   152.500   Intent and purpose
   152.501   Lighting plan required
   152.502   Light measure technique
   152.503   General standards for outdoor lighting
   152.504   Lighting in parking lots and outdoor areas
   152.505   Lighting for vehicular canopies
   152.506   Outdoor sports field/outdoor performance area lighting
   152.507   Lighting of outdoor display areas
   152.508   Sign lighting
   152.509   Lighting of buildings and landscaping
   152.510   Timer devices
   152.511   Permits
   152.512   Nonconformities
Regulations for Landscaping
   152.525   Purpose and applicability
   152.526   General provisions
   152.527   Alternative methods of compliance
   152.528   Perimeter and streetscape buffer yards
   152.529   Landscaping for parking areas
   152.530   Trees and shrubbery in or along streets and sidewalks
   152.531   Tree planting on public property
   152.532   Other landscaping requirements
   152.533   Tree protection during construction
   152.534   Time limit, installation guarantees, inspections and certificate of occupancy
   152.535   Maintenance responsibility
   152.536   Replacement of disturbed and damaged vegetation
   152.537   Compliance
   152.538   Tree preservation and replacement
   152.539   Trash containment areas
   152.540   Maintenance
   152.541   Trees/shrubs causing problems with safe traffic movement or pedestrian movement
   152.542   Pruning requirements
   152.543   Recommended types of vegetation/planting
   152.544   Appeal process
Building Design and Compatibility
   152.555   Section purpose and intent
   152.556   Applicability
   152.557   Building design standards
   152.558   Avoiding monotony of design
   152.559   Harmony of design
   152.560   Architectural character
   152.561   Compatibility standards
   Appendix I Regulated Trees/Approved Plant List
   Appendix II Recommended Road Connection
   Appendix III Historic District Design Standards
   Appendix IV Information Required with Applications, Site Plans, Subdivision Plats
   Appendix V Table of Amendments