Chapter 777, Session Laws of 1947.
   Authority for the Town Board to Acquire Property for Recreational Facilities.
§ 1. The Governing Body of the Town of Swansboro, Onslow County, is authorized and empowered to acquire from the Federal Works Agency, Bureau of Community Facilities of the United States of America, certain real property and the improvements thereon and equipment located in said Town of Swansboro and heretofore used as a USO facility, to provide facilities for a municipal recreational center and to pay the sum of $5,000 as a purchase therefor.
§ 2. The Governing Body of said Town of Swansboro is authorized and empowered to execute notes for the purchase price of said facilities and to secure the payment of said notes by giving a mortgage or deed of trust upon the property acquired and by pledging the net revenue from the operation of said recreational facilities. Provided, that nothing herein shall be construed as authorizing said town to pledge its faith or loan its credit, or to levy or collect any tax for the payment of the debt evidenced by said notes, unless authorized by a vote of the people; and the holders of said notes shall depend solely on the properties securing said notes and the revenues therefrom for the payment of said notes.
Chapter 443, Session Laws of 1971
   Regulation of Fishing from Bridges on N.C. Highway 24 Over the White Oak River.
§ 1. The Board of Commissioners of the Town of Swansboro is hereby authorized to prohibit or regulate by ordinance any fishing from the highway bridges on N.C. Route No. 24 over the White Oak River in Onslow and Carteret Counties.
§ 2. The police department of the Town of Swansboro is hereby vested with the jurisdiction and authority to enforce any ordinance passed pursuant to section 1 of this act.
   The Charter and Other Local Laws of Swansboro
   Disposition Table
Act   Subject   Disposition
Ch. 777, Sess. L. 1947   Funds for Recreation   Related Local Laws
Ch. 1146, Sess. L. 1949   Proceeds of County   NC
   ABC Stores
Ch. 607, Sess. L. 1963   Historic Swansboro   NC
Ch. 443, Sess. L. 1971   Regulation of Fishing   Related Local Laws
Ch. 561, Sess. L. 1971   Charter Revision   Charter and Consolidation
Ch. 8, Sess. L. 1973   Charter Amend.,   Charter, § 3.2
   Power of Mayor
   to Perform Marriages
Editor’s Note:   
   Prior charter and other local acts were repealed expressly or by implication through the
    adoption of the new, revised city charter, §§ 561, Session Laws 1971, as amended.