Article I. Incorporation and Corporate Powers
   1.1   Incorporation and general powers
   1.2   Exercise of powers
   1.3   Form of Government
   1.4   Enumerated powers not exclusive
Article II. Corporate Boundaries
   2.1   Existing corporate boundaries
   2.2   Extension of corporate boundaries
Article III. Mayor and Board of Commissioners
   3.1   Composition of board of commissioners
   3.2   Mayor and mayor pro tempore
   3.3   Terms; qualifications; vacancies
   3.4   Compensation of mayor and commissioners
   3.5   Organization of board; oaths of office
   3.6   Meetings of council
   3.7   Quorum; votes
   3.8   Ordinances and resolutions
Article IV. Election procedure
   4.1   Regular elections
   4.2   Filing of candidates
   4.3   Regulation of elections
Article V. Town Attorney
   5.1   Appointment; qualifications; term; compensation
   5.2   Duties of town attorney
Article VI. Administrative Officers and Employees
   6.1   Town manager
   6.2   Town clerk
   6.3   Deputy town clerk
   6.4   Town tax collector
   6.5   Town accountant
   6.6   Consolidation of functions
Article VII. Finance and Taxation
   7.1   Custody of town money
   7.2   Independent audit
Article VIII. Police
   8.1   Jurisdiction extended
   8.2   Effect of ordinances on town property
Article IX. Sidewalk Improvements
   9.1   Sidewalks; assessment of costs
   9.2   Assessment procedure
   9.3   Effect of assessments
Article X. Claims Against the Town
   10.1   Presentation of claims; suit upon claims