18-101   Definitions
   18-102   Abbreviations
   18-103   Service provided without discrimination
   18-104   Penalties and remedies
   18-105   Application for service
   18-106   Denial of service for non-payment of prior accounts
   18-107   Deposit
   18-108   Water connection charge
   18-109   Sewer connection charge
   18-110   Territorial assessment charge
   18-111   Rates
   18-112   Minimum service charge
   18-113   Access to premises
   18-114   Meter reading and determination of charges
   18-115   Bills
   18-116   Meter testing and special readings
   18-117   Calculation of bill where equipment fails
   18-118   Prohibited activities
   18-119   City property and maintenance thereof
   18-120   City’s responsibility and liability
   18-121   Customer’s responsibility
   18-122   Termination or interruption of service by city
   18-123   Notice of proposed termination of service and right of hearing
   18-124   Hearing
   18-125   Deposit required to stay termination
   18-126   Lessee may take responsibility for payments
   18-127   Procedure for service termination and reinstatement
   18-128   Termination at customer’s request
   18-129   Temporary discontinuance at customer’s request
   18-130   Connection required
   18-131   Permit for connection required
   18-132   Application for connection permit
   18-133   Rejection of permit application
   18-134   Construction of connections
   18-135   Separate connections required for each lot
   18-136   Requirements for connection of service where multiple buildings are located on one lot
   18-137   Two or more meters on single premises
   18-138   City inspection
   18-139   Laterals to remain city property
   18-140   Maintenance of private distribution and collection systems
   18-141   General policy relative to extensions
   18-142   Manner in which extensions are to be made
   18-143   Inspection by city of work done by others
   18-144   Dedication of water and sewer line extensions
   18-145   Credits for installing oversized lines
   18-146   Relationship of water system capacity to approvals under zoning, subdivision and building regulations
   18-147   Relationship of sanitary sewer system capacity to approvals under zoning, subdivision and building regulations
   18-148   Reservation of present capacity
   18-149   Reservation of future sewer capacity
   18-150   Determination of capacity reserved
   18-151   Transfer of capacity reservations
   18-152   Fire hydrants
   18-153   Fire protection service lines
   18-154   Metering of fire protection service lines
   18-155   Purpose, objectives and applicability
   18-156   Storm water prohibited in sanitary services
   18-157   Prohibited uses of sanitary services
   18-158   Federal categorical pretreatment standards
   18-159   Waiver of discharge limitations
   18-160   Dilution of discharge to meet standards prohibited
   18-161   Accidental discharges
   18-162   Preliminary treatment facilities
   18-163   Inspection manhole
   18-164   Determination of character and concentration of wastes
   18-165   Authority for temporary exclusion
   18-166   Permit required for discharge of industrial wastes by significant users
   18-167   Permit application
   18-168   Public notice of applications
   18-169   Response to notice of application
   18-170   Notice of public meeting on permit applications
   18-171   Action on applications
   18-172   Appeals
   18-173   Permit conditions
   18-174   Permit modifications
   18-175   Permit duration
   18-176   Permit transfer
   18-177   Reporting requirements for permittee
   18-178   Pretreatment
   18-179   Enforcement
   18-180   Surcharges for industrial wastes