(a)   These regulations shall apply to all subdivisions of land, as defined herein, located within the city and its area(s) of joint jurisdiction as referenced by the map in the Minnehaha and Lincoln County joint jurisdictional zoning ordinances.
   (b)   It shall be unlawful for any person having control of any land within the city and its area of jurisdiction to subdivide or lay out the land in lots, unless in accordance with the laws of the state and the regulations contained herein. Any parcel of land of 40 acres or less which is located within the joint jurisdiction boundary shall be platted prior to the sale or transfer of the land unless the requirement is waived by the city director of planning and development services.
(1992 Code, App. A, § 15A.01.040) (Ord. 81-08, passed 7-7-2008; Ord. 87-18, passed 10-2-2018) Penalty, see § 157.999