(a)   Necessary action shall be taken by the applicant to extend or create a water supply district for the purpose of providing a water supply system capable of providing domestic water use and fire protection.
   (b)   Where a public water main is accessible, the subdivider shall install adequate water facilities (including fire hydrants) subject to the specifications of the city utilities department as shown on the final utility plan required in § 157.065.
   (c)   Water main extensions shall be approved by the city utilities department. If the water main is extended adjacent to property that will not participate in the initial construction cost of the water main, the developer shall submit to the city water department a cost recovery study based upon the actual construction costs showing the amount due from each property when a connection is made to the extended water main.
   (d)   To facilitate the above, the location of all fire hydrants, all water supply improvements and the boundary lines of proposed districts shall be shown on the preliminary water and sewer plan.
(1992 Code, App. A, § 15A.09.010) (Ord. 81-08, passed 7-7-2008)