(a)   Purpose. The purpose of this section is to provide for the timely review of minor plats, transfer of ownership plat, and replats that do not discernibly impact surrounding properties, environmental resources or public facilities. No concept plan, preliminary plan or development engineering plans are required. Minor plats, transfer of ownership plats, and replats are administratively approved by the city engineer and city director of planning and development services and must comply with all requirements of a plat in § 157.067. Any request for new or additional public infrastructure or facility services after the land has platted may be required to comply with §§ 157.065 through 157.068 at the request of the city engineer.
   (b)   Minor plats requirements.
      (1)   Not more than three lots. A minor plat is a plat containing not more than three lots fronting on an existing street and meet all of the following requirements:
         A.   Does not require the dedication of right-of-way or construction of new streets, except that arterial roadways identified on the major street plan will be required to dedicate the necessary right-of-way;
         B.   Does not create any public improvements other than sidewalks;
         C.   Does not landlock or otherwise impair convenient ingress or egress to or from the rear side of the subject tract or any adjacent property;
         D.   Does not change the grades from the grading plan which was submitted and approved with the original plat or, if the grades are going to be changed, then a grading plan shall be submitted and approved for the minor plat or replat;
         E.   Does not significantly change any plans that have been prepared for the placement of any other utilities in the subdivision;
         F.   Does not adversely affect the remainder of the parcel or adjoining property; and
         G.   Does not conflict with any provision or portion of the growth management plan, official map, zoning ordinance, or these subdivision regulations.
         H.   Platting fees may be paid on a replat when required by any applicable city platting fee ordinance.
      (2)   Transfer of Ownership Plat. A transfer of ownership plat is only for the purpose to subdivide one larger piece of land to transfer from one owner to another. The transfer is not at a point in which it is ready for building permit and the entire development process (zoning, preliminary plan, development engineering plans) is still required before a building permit will be allowed. The transfer of ownership plat shall meet all the requirements of a minor plat and the following:
         A.   Does not require the creation of public easements.
         B.   The property being platted must be at least 20 acres in size unless the city engineer determines that a somewhat small plat meets the intent of a transfer of ownership.
         C.   An updated plat is required before any building permits are allowed.
         D.   Platting fees are deferred until an updated plat is approved.
      (3)   Replat. A replat includes all the requirements of a minor plat and shall also include the minor vacation of existing platted lines to achieve either a reconfiguration of the existing recorded plat or change the number of recorded lots in the subdivision only where the perimeter of the tract being replatted is not altered by the replat. Platting fees may need to be paid on a replat when required by any applicable city platting fee ordinance. Also, a replat shall certify that the platting vacates the existing plat.
(1992 Code, App. A, § 15A.06.010) (Ord. 81-08, passed 7-7-2008; Ord. 87-18, passed 10-2-2018)