(a)   For plats within the city, one signed mylar plat, two paper copies, one reduced eight and one-half by 11 copy and an electronic PDF and DWG shall be submitted to the city engineer for review and approval. For plats within the joint jurisdictional boundary, the signed mylar plat shall be submitted to the county. Additional paper copies may be required for county submittal according to county standards. All copies shall be signed, sealed and notarized.
   (b)   The plat should be drawn at a scale of 100 feet to the inch from an accurate survey and on one or more sheets whose dimensions are as required by state law. If more than two sheets are required, an index sheet of the same dimension shall be attached and filed.
   (c)   The plat shall show the following information:
      (1)   The proposed name of the subdivision. The name shall not duplicate, be the same in spelling, or alike in pronunciation with the name of any other recorded subdivision, unless it is an extension of or adjacent to the subdivision;
      (2)   All lot and block lines, type of easements and rights-of-way such as drainage facilities, pedestrian and utilities should be consistent with the development engineer plan. Adjoining unplatted property shall be labeled as such;
      (3)   A systematic lot and block numbering pattern, lot lines and street names, and the square footage of all lots;
      (4)   The location and width of all proposed and existing rights-of-way, alleys and easements;
      (5)   The boundary lines of the area being subdivided with accurate angles or bearings and distances tying the perimeter boundaries to the nearest established street line, section corner, other previously described subdivision, or other recognized permanent monuments which shall be accurately described on the plat as required by SDCL 43-18, 43-20 and 43-21;
      (6)   Location of all monuments and permanent control points, and all survey pins, either set or located as required by SDCL 43-18, 43-20 and 43-21;
      (7)   The identification and delineations of any portions of the property intended to be dedicated or granted for public use such as drainage facilities, schools or park land;
      (8)   All dimensions, both linear and angular, necessary for locating the boundaries of the subdivision lots, streets/roads, alleys, easements and other areas for public or private use. Linear dimensions are to be given to the nearest one- hundredth of a foot;
      (9)   The radii, chords, length of curve, point of tangency and central angles for all curvilinear streets/roads and radii for rounded corners;
      (10)   The certificate of the surveyor attesting to the accuracy of the survey and the correct location of all pins and monuments shown as required by SDCL 43-18, 43-20 and 43-21;
      (11)   Acknowledgment of the owner or owners of the plat of any restrictions, including dedication to public use of all streets/roads, alleys, parks or other open spaces shown thereon and the granting of easements required, as well as the use of any required common areas;
      (12)   All formal irrevocable offers of dedication for all streets/roads, alleys, parks, drainage facilities, pedestrian paths and other uses as required;
      (13)   Approved subdivision construction agreement or proof that the same is not required;
      (14)   Certificates of approval for endorsement by the city engineer, city director of planning and development services, and city finance officer;
      (15)   The boundary lines of the floodway and special flood hazard zones, the community map number and the base flood elevation on each lot as delineated on the adopted Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM);
      (16)   On a separate exhibit, to be retained by the city, a drawing or survey of the existing structure outlines [as shown on the original real property surveyed, as indicated in the Surveyor’s Certificate] to verify setbacks and lot area requirements and ensure that current and proposed easements are clear of obstructions; and
      (17)   A note identifying the zoning classification in effect at the time of plat or replat submittal.
(1992 Code, App. A, § 15A.05.030) (Ord. 81-08, passed 7-7-2008; Ord. 92-12, passed 12-4-2012; Ord. 87-18, passed 10-2-2018)