§ 157.003 AUTHORITY.
   In accordance with SDCL ch. 11-3 and ch. 11-6 and any other authority provided by law or as those statutes may be amended, the city does hereby exercise the power and authority to review and approve or disapprove plats for the subdivision of land within the city and for land in the area(s) of joint jurisdiction. As allowed by SDCL 11-3-6, the city council designates the director of planning and development services or designee and the city engineer or designee as the administrative officials of the municipality to approve plats in lieu of approval by the governing body.
(1992 Code, App. A, § 15A.01.030) (Ord. 81-08, passed 7-7-2008; Ord. 87-18, passed 10-2-2018)