General Provisions
   96.001   Ordinances saved from repeal
   96.002   Names of streets and avenues
   96.003   Roadway widths
   96.004   Eave pipes
   96.005   Damage
   96.006   Goods on sidewalk
   96.007   Fences in residential districts
   96.008   Saltwater mixtures on streets prohibited
   96.009   Stair railings
   96.010   Parking strip landscaping
   96.011   Right-of-way vacation petition
Public Improvements Generally
   96.025   Engineering design standards
   96.026   Public improvements
   96.027   Petitions for street and alley improvements
   96.028   Interference with contractors
   96.029   Interfering with barricades
   96.030   Contractor’s liability policy and surety bond
   96.031   Certificate of self-insurance
   96.032   Protection of public
   96.033   Front foot assessments for street maintenance
   96.034   Assessment for local/collector street improvements
   96.035   Assessment for arterial street sidewalk improvements
Sidewalk and Driveway Approach Construction
   96.050   Responsibility
   96.051   Specifications and supervision
   96.052   Permit required
   96.053   Approval and inspection
   96.054   Sidewalk in planned unit developments
   96.055   Property owner(s) duty to repair and maintain sidewalk
   96.056   Failure to repair sidewalk defects and damage prohibited
   96.057   Failure to abate public nuisance
   96.058   City's right to repair or maintain
   96.070   Supervision
   96.071   Refilling excavations
   96.072   Restoring pavements or street surfacing to former condition
   96.073   Excavations near street
Permit Required
   96.085   Permit required
   96.086   Application for permit
   96.087   Permit fee
   96.088   Condition of issuance of permit
   96.089   Railroad company’s repair and maintenance of street crossings, ditches and drains, lighting and crossing alarms
Snow and Ice Removal
   96.100   Duty to remove snow
   96.101   Notice
   96.102   Disposal of snow and ice
   96.103   City may remove
   96.104   Special assessment for snow and ice removal
   96.105   Violation
Parking on City Streets During Snow Removal
   96.120   Definitions
   96.121   Declaration of snow removal alert
   96.122   Parking during snow removal alert—Zone 1
   96.123   Parking during snow removal alert—Zone 2
   96.124   Parking during snow removal alert—Zone 3
   96.125   Authorization for otherwise prohibited or restricted parking
   96.126   Determination of street direction
   96.127   Snow gates
Numbering of Buildings
   96.140   Designation
   96.141   Central point
   96.142   Numbering north and south streets
   96.143   Numbering east and west streets
   96.144   Issuance
   96.145   Numbering intervals
   96.146   Display of numbers
   96.147   Specifications for numbers
   96.148   Cost assessed
Bus Passenger Shelters and Courtesy Benches
   96.160   Authorized
   96.161   Approval required
   96.162   Specifications and advertising
   96.163   Application for approval process
   96.164   Issuance of permit
   96.165   Permit nonassignable
   96.166   Revocation of approval
Assemblies, Parades and Processions
   96.180   Definitions
   96.181   Permits and exceptions
   96.182   Insurance requirements
   96.183   Application for permit; hold harmless
   96.184   Application fees; special event
   96.185   Application; review; requirements
   96.186   Permit; issuance
   96.187   Special event fees
   96.188   Display of permit
   96.189   Revocation of permit
   96.190   Distribution at parades
   96.191   Appeal
   96.192   Residential picketing prohibited
Plan Review Fees
   96.205   Construction plan review fee
   96.206   Final plan review fee
Arterial Street Platting Fee
   96.220   Arterial street platting fee
Right-of-Way Construction and Administration
   96.235   Declaration of findings and purpose; scope
   96.236   Definitions
   96.237   Right-of-way administration
   96.238   Right-of-way permits
   96.239   Construction and restoration
   96.240   Enforcement of permit obligation
   96.241   Right-of-way bonds
   96.242   Indemnification and liability
   96.243   General provisions
   Administration, see title III
   Bicycles and recreational vehicles, see ch. 81
   Building, see ch. 150
   Consumption of alcoholic beverages on public streets or alleys, see § 111.023
   Forestry, see ch. 94
   Historic preservation, see ch. 151
   Improvements in unapproved streets, see § 154.038
   Licenses, see ch. 110
   Manufactured homes, see ch. 152
   Obstructing snow removal and street cleaning, see § 77.008
   Peddlers and vendors, see ch. 117
   Planning, see ch. 154
   Plumbing, see §§ 150.301 et seq.
   Signs and outdoor advertising, see ch. 155
   Storm drainage fee, see § 51.100
   Subdivisions, see ch. 157
   Traffic code, see title VII
   Utilities, see title V
   Vehicles for hire, see ch. 124
Statutory reference:
   Authority to require snow removal, see SDCL 9-30-5
   Regulation of streets and public places, see SDCL ch. 9-30
   Sidewalk improvements, see SDCL ch. 9-46
   Street and alley improvements, see SDCL ch. 9-45
   Street names and numbering of houses, see SDCL 9-45-2