(a)   (1)   Amendments to an approved preliminary subdivision plan may be requested by the developer.
      (2)   The city engineer and city director of planning and development services may request an updated preliminary subdivision plan for review and approval when changes to the plan are proposed.
   (b)   Amendments to a preliminary plan shall consist of external impacts, including changes in major (collectors) street pattern, change of zones, drainage facility location, other public open space location or perimeter boundaries.
      (1)   Amendments to an approved preliminary subdivision plan shall follow the procedures for approval of a preliminary subdivision plan as required in this section.
      (2)   The approved plan, and any amendments, shall be kept on file with the city engineer and planning director.
(1992 Code, App. A, § 15A.04.040) (Ord. 81-08, passed 7-7-2008; Ord. 87-18, passed 10-2-2018)