(a)   The development engineering plan is a process designed to assist the developer and the city with the efficient and timely development of utilities and final lot and block layout to and throughout a development. Plans will be evaluated for compliance with the Engineering Design Standards and the capital improvement program. The development engineering plan approval will be based upon the engineering feasibility of the development including the determination of more precise locations of all lots, blocks, and streets.
   (b)   Following the approval of the preliminary subdivision plan, if the developer wishes to proceed, an electronic copy of the development engineering plans shall be submitted to the online plan review at the city of Sioux Falls website for review and acceptance by the city engineering office. The development engineering plans shall encompass all land included in a phase as shown on the preliminary subdivision plan, be in compliance with conditions and approval criteria of the preliminary subdivision plan and existing and proposed easements shown and dimensioned from property lines and utilities.
   (c)   The development engineering plans shall comply with the respective chapters within the adopted Engineering Design Standards and with criteria within this chapter. All development utility plans shall be approved or disapproved within 15 working days after submittal to the city engineer. In addition, a development lot and block layout shall be approved by the city engineer. All development engineering plans are required to have all elements and approval criteria listed in Table 2. If these plans are approved, the developer may then submit the plat(s) and subdivision construction agreement(s) for approval.
Table 2 Development Engineering Plan Element and Approval Criteria
Table 2 Development Engineering Plan Element and Approval Criteria
Lots and blocks including a systematic lot and block numbering pattern, lot lines and zoning districts
Ability to reference areas and review plans; consistent with §§ 157.095 through 157.098 and §§ 157.112 through 157.117
Location and widths of all existing and proposed easements
Utility coordination; consistent with § 157.117 and EDS
Location of all street right-of-way including width and street names
Consistency with major street plan and §§ 157.095 through 157.098 and §§ 157.112 through 157.117
The location of existing blocks, lots, building lines, water courses, drainageways, bridges, culverts, wells, septic systems or other on-site wastewater systems, cell towers, septic systems or other present structures, and any pertinent natural features in the area affected, with principal dimensions and all significant information in regard to property, immediately adjacent on all sides
Will not place any existing lot or building in violation of any applicable ordinance, code, regulation, law including, but not limited to, zoning, building, subdivision, and flood prevention and consistent with the needs identified within Chapter VII and IX of the growth management plan and §§ 157.190 and 157.191
Boundary lines of floodways and 100-year flood zones delineated on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)
To ensure buildable lots
Drainage Development Utility Plans
§ 157.160 et al and EDS 13.2.3
Grading Development Utility Plans
EDS Chapter 7
Water Development Utility Plans
§ 157.130 et al and EDS 13.2.3
Sanitary Sewer Development Utility Plans
§ 157.145 et al and EDS 13.2.3
Erosion and Sediment Control Development Utility Plans
§ 157.175 et al and EDS 13.2.3
   (d)   Amendments to development engineering plan lot and block layout.
      (1)   The city engineer and city director of planning and development services may request an updated development engineering plan for review and approval when changes to the plan are proposed or when a proposed plat is not consistent with the development engineering plan. The proposed amendment may include the submission of an updated preliminary subdivision plan to the planning office.
      (2)   Amendments shall be done administratively with signed approval by the city director of planning and development services and city engineer and coincide with the development engineering plans.
(1992 Code, App. A, § 15A.05.010) (Ord. 81-08, passed 7-7-2008; Ord. 11-09, passed 1-12-2009; Ord. 87-18, passed 10-2-2018)