ARTICLE I.       Name, Boundaries and Form of Government
      Section 1.01    Name
      Section 1.02    Boundaries
      Section 1.03    Form of Government
   ARTICLE II.    Incorporation and Powers
      Section 2.01    Powers
      Section 2.02   Manner of Exercising Power
      Section 2.03    Construction
   ARTICLE III.    Mayor
      Section 3.01    Election and Term
      Section 3.02    Qualifications
      Section 3.03    Judicial Powers
      Section 3.04    Executive and Administrative Powers
      Section 3.05    Annual Address
      Section 3.06    Acting Mayor (11-5-13)
      Section 3.07   Mayoral Vacancy (11-5-13)
   ARTICLE IV.    Council
      Section 4.01    Authority
      Section 4.02    Composition, Selection and Term
      Section 4.03    Qualifications
      Section 4.04    Quorum; Majority Vote
      Section 4.05    Salaries; Compensation (11-5-13)
      Section 4.06    Council Vacancies (11-5-13)
      Section 4.07    Organization
      Section 4.08    President of Council (11-5-13)
      Section 4.09    Rules and Journal
      Section 4.10   Ordinances, Resolutions and Motions
      Section 4.11    Authentication, Recording and Publication of Ordinances (11-5-13)
      Section 4.12    Meetings
      Section 4.13    Removal of Elected Officials
      Section 4.14    Contracting Procedures (11-5-13)
   ARTICLE V.    Finance
      Section 5.01    Fiscal Matters, Contracts and Taxation
      Section 5.02    Limitation on Rate of Taxation
      Section 5.03    Clerk-Treasurer
      Section 5.04    Duties; Qualifications
      Section 5.05    Accounting Procedures and Budgetary Control
      Section 5.06    Custody of Funds
      Section 5.07    Disbursements
   ARTICLE VI.    Nominations and Elections
      Section 6.01    Nominations
      Section 6.02    Elections
   ARTICLE VII.    General and Transitional Provisions
      Section 7.01   Conflicts of Interest
      Section 7.02    Election Date and Effective Date
      Section 7.03    Pending Actions and Proceedings
      Section 7.04    Contracts and Public Improvements
      Section 7.05    Transfer of Records and Property
      Section 7.06    Continuation of Officers and Employees
      Section 7.07    Continuation of Ordinances and Resolutions
      Section 7.08    Succession
      Section 7.09    Open Meetings
   ARTICLE VIII.    Boards, Commissions and Committees
      Section 8.01    Utilities (11-5-13)
      Section 8.02    Membership (11-5-13)
      Section 8.03    Other Boards, Commissions and Committees
   ARTICLE IX.    Civil Service
      Section 9.01   Creation
      Section 9.02   Exclusion
      Section 9.03    Intent
   ARTICLE X.    Planning and Zoning
      Section 10.01    General
   ARTICLE XI.    Initiative, Referendum, Recall
      Section 11.01    Initiative
      Section 11.02    Referendum
      Section 11.03    Recall
   ARTICLE XII.    Charter Review
      Section 12.01    Procedure
      Section 12.02    Charter Review Advisory Commission
      Section 12.03    Duties of Charter Review Advisory Commission (11-5-13)
   ARTICLE XIII.    Franchises
      Section 13.01    General
   ARTICLE XIV.    Purchase, Sale and Leasing of Property
      Section 14.01    General
      Section 14.02    Economic and Community Development
      Section 14.03    Prohibited Transactions