General Provisions
   98.001   Driving over walks and lawns
   98.002   Utility poles
   98.003   Awnings and projecting signs
   98.004   Erection of scaffolds
Sidewalk Construction Permits
   98.015   Permit required
   98.016   Application for sidewalk permit
   98.017   Sidewalk plans and specifications; information is to be included
   98.018   Altering plans and specifications
   98.019   Retention of plans by Director of Building and Housing
   98.020   Issuance of sidewalk permits
   98.021   Validity of permit
   98.022   Expiration of permit
   98.023   Sidewalk building fees
   98.024   Inspection of construction or work
Street Excavations
   98.035   Permit required
   98.036   Application for permit
   98.037   Bond; conditions
   98.038   Fees
   98.039   Qualifications needed to engage in work
   98.040   Stop-work order
   98.041   Hours of work
   98.055   When installation of culvert necessary
   98.056   Permit required
   98.057   Application for culvert permits
   98.058   Forms
   98.059   Establishment of grade
   98.060   Approval of materials to be used
   98.061   Flow of water in ditch regulated
   98.062   Change of grade
   98.063   Culvert to be kept free of refuse and matter
   98.064   Notice of obstructed culverts; failure to clean
   98.065   Existing culverts
Street and Sidewalk Obstruction and Encroachments
   98.080   Construction or repair affecting public ways
   98.081   Encroachments on public right-of-way during street improvements
Maintenance of Public Ways
   98.095   Application of provisions
   98.096   Removal of snow and ice
Street Naming and Numbering
   98.110   Official numbering system
   98.111   Street name signs
   98.112   Construction specifications
   98.113   Unauthorized erection of street signs
   98.114   Injuries to street signs
Front Yard Area
   98.125   Prohibited use of front yard area
Administration and Enforcement
   98.140   Powers and duties of Director of Building and Housing
   98.141   Zoning Board of Appeals
   98.999   Penalty