(A)   All Board members will be treated with equal dignity and respect, and Board members shall have equal access to speak and to make motions.
   (B)   The moderator is charged with ensuring that the will of the Board majority prevails on decisions, while giving Board members who hold to a minority view an adequate opportunity to present their positions to the other Board members.
   (C)   The moderator will keep discussions focused on the agenda items.
   (D)   The moderator will relinquish the gavel when he or she has a personal conflict of interest or is sufficiently conflicted on an issue that impartiality cannot be assured.
   (E)   The moderator will maintain proper decorum among Board members and the public audience.
   (F)   The moderator will:
      (1)   Open the meeting at the specified time;
      (2)   Explain meeting procedures and decision-making processes so that Board members and the audience may appropriately participate;
      (3)   Restate audience questions;
      (4)   Apply time limits consistently;
      (5)   Recognize and deal with procedural objections;
      (6)   Protect members and staff from verbal attack unrelated to official duties;
      (7)   Keep track of amendments to motions;
      (8)   Restate motions before they are voted upon;
      (9)   Call recesses during long meetings;
      (10)   Reconvene at specified time; and
      (11)   Adjourn the meeting.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 2.23)