(A)   All Board meetings shall be conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order.
   (B)   If a quorum of the Township Board is present, a Board meeting shall be called to order promptly at the time announced for the meeting.
   (C)   Each Board member shall fully participate in Board meetings by doing the following:
      (1)   Prepare for Board meetings by reading their packets and conducting necessary research ahead of time in order to fully participate in discussions;
      (2)   Help the chair keep meeting moving;
      (3)   Limit remarks to issue being considered;
      (4)   Ask questions for clarification;
      (5)   Respect colleagues’ rights;
      (6)   Refrain from speaking out of turn and interrupting other speakers;
      (7)   Actively listen;
      (8)   Listen courteously and attentively to all public discussions before the Board;
      (9)   Explain reasons behind significant decisions during the discussion before voting;
      (10)   Raise concerns and objections at a meeting, rather than after;
      (11)   Express disagreement verbally, rather than non-verbally;
      (12)   Criticize constructively and in private; and
      (13)   Vote with a clear audible voice.
(Board and Administrative Policies Manual, § 2.22)