§ 3115.07 Driving Over Sidewalk or Curb
   No person shall drive over any sidewalk or curb for any purpose in connection with demolition, house moving or building operations, or the delivery of material therefor or removal of material therefrom, or for any other purpose in connection therewith, without first having obtained a permit to do so from the Director of Public Service and posting a deposit or bond, adequate to reimburse the City for any costs which may be incurred by the City because of damage or destruction caused thereby, and in the form and amount directed or approved by the Director of Public Service and the Director of Law. Such deposit shall not be returned, nor shall the surety under a bond be released, until operations have been completed and an inspection of the premises and adjoining premises, made by an authorized representative of the Director of Public Safety, reveals no uncorrected damage or destruction. Any costs incurred by the City in correcting damage or destruction shall be deductible from the deposit or, when operations are performed under a bond, paid by the person, firm or corporation acting as surety.