§ 3115.18 Cleaning Debris; Permit, Deposit and Fee
   Prior to the commencement of any demolition of any structure or of any grading, excavating or constructing on any private property by any person, firm or corporation other than the owner of the property himself or herself, the owner or lessee of the property or the contractor engaged in such work shall obtain a permit from, and make a deposit of two hundred dollars ($200.00) cash or certified check with the Division of Assessments and Licenses. Such permit and deposit shall be in addition to any other requirement. During the period of demolition, excavation, grading or construction the street pavement, tree lawns, sidewalks, walkways, and alternative pedestrian access re-routes shall be kept clean of all dirt and other debris caused by or arising from such work. The permittee shall also remove snow from sidewalks, walkways, and alternative pedestrian access re-routes. In default thereof, and after reasonable notice to the permittee, the City shall perform such cleaning and charge the cost thereof to the deposit hereinbefore provided. After completion of such work and upon a determination by the Division of Streets that such areas are free of dirt and other debris, such deposit, less the cost of cleaning work performed by the City and less a ten dollar ($10.00) permit fee, shall be returned to the depositor thereof. If such costs and fee exceed the deposit, the Director of Public Works, or his or her designee, shall bill the permittee for the remaining balance.
(Ord. No. 979-2020. Passed 7-14-21, eff. 7-16-21)