§ 3115.05 Bulkheading Abandoned Sewer Facilities
   No permit authorizing the razing, demolition or removal of any building or other structure which contains sewer facilities connecting into any sewer operated or controlled by the City shall be issued to any person, firm or corporation until there is first posted with the Director of Public Utilities a bond or deposit adequate to reimburse the City for any costs which may be incurred because of the failure of the permittee to properly bulkhead all such abandoned sewer facilities, as herein provided, at a point within the sidewalk or tree lawn area approximately one (1) foot from the curb line. Such bulkhead shall consist of concrete or a vitrified stopper sealed into the bell of the sewer pipe with cement mortar.
   The bond or deposit provided for in this section shall not be released or returned until an inspector authorized by the Director of Public Utilities shall approve the bulkheading of any such abandoned sewer facilities which connect into any sewer operated or controlled by the City.
   The provisions of this section shall not apply when the sewer operated and controlled by the City and into which the private sewer is connected, is abandoned.