§ 3115.14 Protection of Floor and Wall Openings
   (a)   In buildings of Type 1 or Type 2 construction, the floor slabs, decks or other floor construction assemblies shall be placed as rapidly as practicable as the building construction progresses. Permanent floor assemblies shall be in place not more than eight (8) stories below the tier being erected. Temporary planking shall be provided as necessary for a safe working surface, or as necessary to provide protection for the floor areas below the level at which construction is in progress.
   (b)   In buildings of Type 3 or Type 4 construction, the floor construction shall be planked over not more than two (2) stories below the level where work is in progress unless underflooring or other flooring has been installed at that level. Where double wood flooring is used, the underfloor shall be laid immediately after the floor framing is in place.