§ 3115.03 Use of Public Property
   (a)   Approval of Director of Public Works Required. Public property shall not be used for the storage of materials or equipment or for the operation of equipment, nor shall any fence, railing, barricade, walkway, canopy, shed, scaffold or other construction or protection be erected on public property without the approval of the Director of Public Works. Any permit issued for such use of public property shall be valid only while such use is maintained safe and non- hazardous. The City authority issuing such permit shall revoke any such permit when unsafe conditions are not promptly corrected.
   (b)   Limitations and Restrictions. The use of public property for storage of material or for other uses incidental to demolition, house moving, alterations or building operations shall conform to the limitations and restrictions imposed by the Director of Public Works, as deemed necessary by him or her for safety to life and property and the maintenance of traffic on sidewalks and roadways.
   (c)   Any permit issued for the use of public property shall terminate with the completion of the operations for the performance of which it was procured.
(Ord. No. 979-2020. Passed 7-14-21, eff. 7-16-21)