§ 3115.09 Maintenance of Walkways
   (a)   A safe walkway, not less than four (4) feet wide and of greater width where deemed necessary by the Director of Capital Projects, shall be maintained as a continuation of abutting sidewalks at all demolition and building operations, as directed or approved by such Director. Existing sidewalks should be preserved. If passage on the existing sidewalk is not possible, a convenient and accessible pedestrian walkway shall be provided that replicates as nearly as practicable the existing sidewalk. Sidewalk closure with an alternative re-route or detour shall be a last resort. Signs shall be provided to direct pedestrians in accordance with the approved plan under division (c) of Section 411.011.
   (b)   Whenever a sidewalk vault is being constructed, or whenever the Director approves the temporary obstruction of a sidewalk, such walkway may be constructed outside of the curb line and abutting thereto, and shall be a durable walking surface of plank or other suitable approved material with a substantial guardrail along the outer edge. No walkway shall be maintained outside the curb line for a period longer than absolutely necessary for the operations being performed, and such walkway shall be re-located inside the curb line as soon as practicable.
   (c)   Sidewalks, walkways, and alternative pedestrian re-routes or detours shall be accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Ohio Building Code Section 11.
(Ord. No. 979-2020. Passed 7-14-21, eff. 7-16-21)