§ 3115.16 Steam Cleaning and Fireproofing
   (a)   Whenever high pressure boilers are used for steam cleaning or for other purposes, they shall conform to applicable provisions of OBBC and OAC Chapters 4101:4-1 to 4101:4-17, and shall be operated in a safe and approved manner. So far as practicable, steam cleaning and sand-blast cleaning operations shall be so shielded by tarpaulins or other protections and shall be so conducted as to prevent vapor, water, dust and debris from falling upon pedestrians, vehicles, public thoroughfares and adjoining property; and no such operations shall be performed so as to create a nuisance.
   (b)   Any required fireproofing of basement or cellar columns, and of main girders or main supports above basements or cellars, shall be done as soon as practicable.
   (c)   Required standpipes shall be installed as a building is erected, and an elevator shall be available for use by the Division of Fire in all buildings more than 150 feet above grade level. Access to Fire Division hose connections shall not be obstructed.