§ 3115.13 Required Illumination and Obstruction Marking
   (a)   All sidewalks, walkways, covered walkways, and alternative pedestrian access re-routes, or in other locations where customary street illumination is temporarily obstructed, shall be illuminated so that there will be not less than three (3) foot candles at the sidewalk or walkway level at all times. Artificial illumination shall be provided whenever and wherever natural illumination or street lighting does not provide the intensity specified in this section.
   (b)   All barricades, fences, construction railings, barriers, covered walkways, alternative pedestrian access re-routes, or equipment erected outside of the street or alley line; all material or debris piled outside of such lines; and all pits, excavations and obstructions outside of such lines shall be marked, after dark, with flares, red lanterns or red electric light bulbs, to warn pedestrians and operators of vehicles of the presence of such obstructions, pits or excavations.
   (c)   At least one (1) obstruction light shall be provided at each end of every obstruction or hazard Where the obstruction or hazard is irregular in shape or where the obstruction or hazard is more than fifty (50) feet in length, additional lights shall be provided to adequately indicate the perimeter and extent thereof.
(Ord. No. 979-2020. Passed 7-14-21, eff. 7-16-21)