General Provisions
   51.001   Purpose
   51.002   Definitions
   51.003   Interpretation
Use of Public Sewers Required
   51.015   Unlawful deposits
   51.016   Certain waters prohibited
   51.017   Removal of unpolluted waters from treatment facility
   51.018   Privies, vaults, septic tanks, and cesspools prohibited
   51.019   Connection to public sewers required
   51.020   Discharge of wastewater to natural outlets
Private Sewer Systems
   51.035   Private sewer system to comply with state regulations
   51.036   Connection to public sewer required when available
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.050   Permit required
   51.051   Classes of permits; applications
   51.052   Costs to be borne by owner
   51.053   Persons qualified for sewer tap permit
   51.054   Cancellation of permit for failure to comply with notice
   51.055   Approval required for excavations
   51.056   Separate building sewer required for every building
   51.057   Old building sewers connected to new buildings
   51.058   Design of sewers
   51.059   Size of building sewer
   51.060   Elevation; grade and alignment
   51.061   Low building drain to be lifted
   51.062   Excavations
   51.063   Connection of building sewer with public sewer
   51.064   Inspection   
   51.065   Excavations to be guarded
   51.066   Maintenance
   51.067   Insurance
   51.068   Connection of sources of surface run-off prohibited
   51.069   Connection of floor drain or pit drain prohibited
   51.070   Connection of building sewer with public sewer to conform with city regulations
   51.071   Restoration of public property
Extension of Interceptor Sewers Outside City Limits
   51.085   Authority of Board; compliance with ordinances and state law
   51.086   Permit required
   51.087   Septic tank wastes
   51.088   Additional connections not mandatory
   51.089   Rules and regulations of the city
Use of the Public Sewers
   51.100   Prohibited waters and waste
   51.101   Remedies for prohibited discharges; authority of Wastewater Superintendent
   51.102   Test and analysis standards
   51.103   Maintenance of preliminary treatment facilities
   51.104   Monitoring manhole
   51.105   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors
   51.106   Samples to be taken for measurements
   51.107   Persons required to provide monitoring manholes
   51.108   New connections
   51.109   Deposit of wastewaters
Industrial Waste Charges
   51.120   Sewer service surcharge
   51.121   Determination of surcharge
   51.122   Industrial discharge permit
   51.123   Testing requirements
   51.124   Billing
   51.125   Reports
General Pretreatment Provisions
   51.140   Pretreatment standards and facilities
   51.141   Certain unpolluted waters prohibited
   51.142   Strength of discharge used to establish charges
   51.143   Accidental discharges/slug discharges
   51.144   Dilution
   51.145   Notice to employees
   51.146   Upsets
   51.147   Record retention
   51.148   Annual publication of significant noncompliance
   51.149   Confidential information
Power and Authority of Inspectors
   51.160   Proper credentials; right of entry
   51.161   Safety standards
   51.162   Entry, work in accord with easement
   51.175   Notifications
Enforcement and Remedies
   51.190   Administrative enforcement/remedies
   51.191   Consent orders
   51.192   Show cause hearing
   51.193   Administrative compliance orders
   51.194   Cease and desist orders
   51.195   Emergency suspensions
   51.196   Termination of discharge
   51.197   Judicial enforcement remedies
   51.198   Remedies nonexclusive
   51.199   Violator to pay damages
   51.200   Administrative appeal
   51.201   Falsifying information
   51.202   Statutory authority
   51.999   Penalty