General Provisions
   74.01   Stopping in streets prohibited; exceptions
   74.02   Obstructing passage of other vehicles
   74.03    Unattended vehicles
   74.04    Parking restrictions; all times
   74.05   Parking restrictions; certain hours
   74.06    Reserved
   74.07    Parking restrictions; one hour
   74.08   Parking restrictions; twelve minutes
   74.09   Parking in stands; prohibited
   74.10   Parking parallel to curb
   74.11   Backing vehicle to curb; prohibited
   74.12   Vehicle parked with left side to curb prohibited
   74.13    Parking within lines
   74.14   Parking and standing; purposes prohibited
   74.15   Parking and standing; certain places prohibited
   74.16   Moving vehicle of another into restricted area
   74.17   Parking meter; overtime prohibited
   74.18   Obstructing street end water access; prohibited
   74.19   Loading and unloading zones
   74.20   Passenger and commercial zones
   74.21   Operator to comply with chapter; effect of proof of ownership of vehicle
   74.22   Fire lanes
   74.23   Handicapped parking
   74.24   Regulation of parking on private property pursuant to G.S. § 160A-301
   74.25   Designated lifeguard parking
   74.26   Designated tow-away zone
   74.27   Limitation on time a vehicle may remain in a parking space
Parking Meters
   74.35   Definitions
   74.36   Authorization; responsibility
   74.37   Operation of meters
   74.38   Hours of operation
   74.38.1   Limitation on number of vehicles per parking space
   74.39   Designation of parking meters zones
   74.40   Parking without paying the required fee
   74.41   Rates
   74.42   Residential parking permits
   74.43   Commercial I and II and contractor parking permits
   74.44   Fraudulent use of parking permit
   74.45   Creation of Harbor Island Residential Parking District
   74.46   Parking restrictions in the Harbor Island Residential Parking District
   74.47   Exceptions
   74.48   Old Causeway Drive, Keel Street and Marina Street
   74.49   Parking restrictions for Gene Floyd Drive, the public parking lot adjacent to tennis courts located on the Town Hall complex and the town’s historic square adjacent to Salisbury Street, and the South Channel Drive Park
   74.50   Notice to violator
   74.51   Contents of notice
   74.52   Settlement of claim
   74.53   Other remedies
   74.54   Fines to be paid to General Fund
   74.55   Immobilization of vehicles
   74.56   Appeal of parking violations
   74.99 Penalty
   Parking schedules, see Ch. 76
Statutory reference:
   Off street parking facilities, see G.S. § 160A-536
   Signals on stopping, standing, or turning, see G.S. § 20-154
   Stopping on highway prohibited, see G.S. § 20-161