Sec. 6-182. Rainwater harvesting plan.
   A.   All commercial development and site plans submitted after June 1, 2010, shall include a rainwater harvesting plan. The rainwater harvesting plan shall include a landscape water budget and an implementation plan.
   1.   The landscape water budget shall calculate the estimated volume of water required yearly for all site landscaping detailed in the development and/or landscape plan.
   2.   The implementation plan shall show how any combination of capture, conveyance, storage, and distribution will be utilized on-site to harvest rainwater. Implementation plans shall comply with applicable development standards for water harvesting applications.
   3.   The implementation plan shall also provide for water metering of all on-site landscape water through either:
   (a)   A separate water meter connected to the main water supply; or,
   (b)   An irrigation sub-meter.
   B.   The rainwater harvesting plan shall be submitted concurrently with the site plan and landscape plan.
   C.   The director of the development services department may authorize alternative compliance with development standards when conditions of topography, site soils or ratio of landscape area to total site area would make strict adherence to standard provisions unreasonable and the alternative compliance advances the spirit of this article.
(Ord. No. 10597, § 1, 10-14-08)