Sec. 6-123. General duties of inspectors.
The duties of each plumbing inspector are to inspect all plumbing construction work, plumbing installations, and renewals thereof in the city; to enforce rules and regulations concerning plumbing installations of all kinds; and to perform related duties as required by this article and the code adopted herein. The plumbing inspector under the code or this article shall perform the following duties: Inspect the installation of and approve or condemn all plumbing piping, fixtures, apparatus, appliances, devices, equipment and drainage work, for any and all purposes within the jurisdiction of the city; enforce rules and regulations, control types and classes of material and the method, manner and workmanship for the installation of plumbing equipment; approve or disapprove the use of plumbing materials or devices; inspect public and private premises for plumbing fixtures, or other apparatus; give notice of defects in plumbing fixtures, appliances or equipment; receive applications for issuing permits for plumbing installations and repairs; collect and account for fees; examine and approve plans and specifications for proposed plumbing installations or alterations, and confer and advise on necessary changes thereto; certify to compliance with plans and specifications on plumbing work; keep a complete record of all applications for permits, of all permits so issued, and of all inspections made under each permit; make such reports as shall be required from time to time and make any recommendations to the building safety administrator which he may deem practical in connection with this article and the code adopted in section 6-124, and the enforcement thereof.
(Ord. No. 5331, § 2, 5-11-81; Ord. No. 5775, § 2, 5-23-83)