Sec. 5-17.   Shared mobility prohibition without permit.
   (a)   It is unlawful for a mobility share entity to operate within the corporate limits of the City of Tucson unless they hold a valid Mobility Share Permit through a mobility share program authorized by the director.
   (b)   A mobility share entity operating pursuant to a valid Mobility Share Permit as described in paragraph (a) shall comply with all permit requirements and regulations promulgated by the director.
   (c)   The director is authorized to develop and adopt a mobility share pilot program with reasonable and necessary rules to carry out the purposes of this article. Such rules shall, at a minimum, address the following areas:
      (1)   Minimum safety requirements;
      (2)   Parking of shared mobility devices;
      (3)   Operations and rebalancing;
      (4)   Data sharing and privacy;
      (5)   Fees;
      (6)   Application requirements;
      (7)   Indemnification, bond and insurance requirements.
   (d)   The director shall provide three (3) copies of the above rules to the city clerk for a public review. In addition, the rules shall be posted on a City website in a timely manner.
   (e)   The rules for the mobility share pilot program shall be effective only upon the approval of the mayor and council.
(Ord. No. 11583, § 2, 9-5-18; Ord. No. 11779, § 1, 9-9-20)