Sec. 5-20.   Enforcement authority.
   (a)   Any law enforcement officer or any other employee of the city with the authority to issue civil infraction or civil traffic citations may enforce the provisions of this article. This section is not intended to create or expand the authority of any department to perform acts that are otherwise prohibited by law.
   (b)   Any shared mobility device operated in violation of this article may be seized and impounded under the direction of the police department. Upon impound, TDOT shall cause the mobility share entity having ownership of the shared mobility device, if known, to be notified in writing of the removal, the reason therefor, and the place to which the shared mobility device is removed to, within a period of three (3) days of the impound date. If the mobility share entity is not known or not readily ascertainable, TDOT shall make available to the public a written report of the complete description of the shared mobility device, the date, time and place from which removed, the reasons for such removal, and the name of the garage or place where the shared mobility device is stored. The shared mobility device may be recovered upon compliance with this article and payment of all costs of removal, storage and any assessments provided for pursuant to the applicable mobility share program rules, provided this is done within sixty (60) days following date of impoundment. The city, upon order of the city magistrate, may dispose of or destroy any shared mobility device not claimed nor made to comply with the provisions of this article within a period of sixty (60) days.
(Ord. No. 11583, § 2, 9-5-18; Ord. No. 11779, § 1, 9-9-20)