Sec. 5-4. Regulating motorized bicycle or tricycle; purpose and intent.
The state has granted municipalities express authority to regulate or prohibit the operation of motorized gas-powered bicycles or tricycles. It is the purpose and intent of this article to provide for the regulation of motorized gas-powered bicycle or tricycle ("motorized bicycle or tricycle") to protect the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicle drivers and operators of motorized bicycles or tricycles. The mayor and council find it is in the public interest to regulate the operation of motorized bicycles or tricycles by prohibiting their use on sidewalks, multi-use paths, shared use paths and pedestrian paths, and by imposing age restrictions and safety requirements for the riders of motorized bicycles or tricycles.
(Ord. No. 10321, § 1, 9-19-06; Ord. No. 11582, § 2, 9-5-18)