18.79.090   Regulations by temporary sign type. 
   A.   General requirements. Temporary sign types shall not:
      1.   Interfere with the free movement of pedestrians and vehicles.
      2.   Be placed upon any other sign assembly, utility pole, authorized traffic control device, utility box, boulder, tree, planter, or similar structure.
      3.   Be placed in a manner that allows displacement during adverse weather conditions and results in a safety hazard to the public.
      4.   Include amplified sound, animation, motion or attachments such as balloons, flags, streamers, pinwheels, or ribbons.
      5.   Be illuminated other than by ambient light present on the property or by existing illumination intended for other uses.
      6.   Be off-site, except as expressly allowed by this chapter.
      7.   Advertise off-site commercial activities, except as expressly allowed by this chapter.
   B.   Temporary signs must be clearly labeled with the name and telephone number of the sign owner.
   C.   Banner sign.  A temporary banner sign is allowed subject to:
      1.   Location:  On-site; shall be rigidly affixed at all four corners;
      2.   Maximum number per site:  One per street frontage within site;
      3.   Maximum area:  60 square feet;
      4.   Maximum height:  Below the roofline for building-mounted banners;
      5.   The maximum, cumulative display time for a banner sign attached to an existing building is 90 days per calendar year with the 90 days to be divided into no more than two time periods.
   D.   Political signs:  Reference Arizona Revised Statutes. 
   E.   Portable "A" and "T" - frame signs:
      1.   Location:  On-site; non-residential areas only; within 30 feet of the building entrance; a minimum four-foot horizontal clearance on sidewalks.  Shall not be permitted in parking areas, including islands and spurs, and shall have a minimal clearance of three feet from the perimeter of parking areas;
      2.   Maximum number per site:  One sign per tenant;
      3.   Maximum area:  6 square feet;
      4.   Maximum height:  3.5 feet;
      5.   Displayed typically on a daily basis.  Shall be removed during the time between close of business to the next opening of business.
   F.   Window sign.  A temporary window sign is allowed subject to:
      1.   Location:  On-site; first and second floor windows; not permitted on the exterior side of windows;
      2.   Maximum area:  25 percent of window.
(Ord. 2020-41, § 5 (part), 2020)