18.79.010   Purpose.
   A.   It is the purpose of this chapter to authorize the use of signs that:
      1.   Promote traffic and pedestrian safety and minimize risk of personal injury and property damage from unregulated and improper sign placement and construction;
      2.   Encourage legibility of sign information along street frontages, reduce visual clutter, and encourage the clearest possible visual perception of existing uses and existing signs;
      3.   Provide equitable opportunities for free speech, identification and essential communication, enable wayfinding, retain businesses and promote economic development;
      4.   Protect astronomical observation by protecting dark skies and minimizing light intrusion onto adjacent property;
      5.   Encourage an aesthetic appearance compatible with the surrounding human and natural environment along street frontages, improving the quality of the visual appearance of the community, and the clear visibility of the natural environment; and,
      6.   Promote signs that are appropriate to the type of activity to which they pertain, are well-designed, are of appropriate scale, and are appropriately integrated into the built and natural environment.
   B.   Whenever a conflict arises in the enforcement of this chapter or more than one interpretation is possible, the purposes stated in Section 18.79.010(A) shall serve as guidelines in resolving the conflict or interpretation.
(Ord. 2020-41, § 5 (part), 2020)