18.79.050   Exempt signs.
   The following signs are exempt from the application, permit and fee regulations of this chapter, although the applicable development standards apply and an electrical or building permit may be required:
   A.    Concealed signs.
   B.   Danger signs:  No greater height or size than is required to give the public adequate warning.
   C.   Flags: Ten or fewer flags with poles no greater than twenty feet in height.
   D.   Governmental signs.
   E.   House numbers, nameplates and addresses as required by Address Standards (Chapter 18.83).
   F.   Memorial signs, tablets or cornerstones, grave markers, headstones, statues, and historical markers or cornerstones, not exceeding eight square feet in area. 
   G.   Political signs as allowed by Arizona Revised Statutes.
   H.   Portable "A" and "T"- frame signs.
   I.    Signs on a single-family, residential property of a cumulative sign area of six square feet, not exceeding six feet in height unless attached to a wall or structure, and not illuminated.
   J.   Signs attached to a service station pump or signs integrated into the design of an automated bank teller machine.
   K.   Vehicle signs that are incidental to vehicle use.  Exception:  A vehicle that is regularly located for the primary purpose of displaying the sign.
   L.    Window signs that comply with the requirements of Sections 18.79.080(I) or 18.79.090(F).
(Ord. 2020-41, § 5 (part), 2020)