18.79.020   General.
   A.   A sign shall comply with the Pima County building codes (Title 15).
   B.   A permit is required for all signs unless otherwise stated.
   C.   No sign shall be installed, placed, or maintained within unincorporated Pima County except in conformance with this chapter or as allowed by a state or federal law preemption of this chapter.
   D.   If provisions of this chapter are in conflict with any other provision of the code, the more restrictive requirement shall apply.
   E.   No sign shall cause a safety hazard for pedestrians or vehicles.
   F.   No content restrictions.
      1.   Any sign allowed under this chapter may contain, in lieu of any other copy, any otherwise lawful message that complies with applicable dimension, lighting, design, spacing, and approval requirements of this chapter.
      2.   This chapter is intended to regulate signs in a manner that does not favor commercial speech over non-commercial speech and does not regulate non-commercial speech by message content.
      3.   Any regulation that distinguishes between on-site and off-site signs applies only to commercial messages, and allows any non-commercial message.
(Ord. 2020-41, § 5 (part), 2020)