18.79.040   Prohibited signs.
   No person shall erect, alter, maintain, or relocate any sign specified in this section unless regulated elsewhere:
   A.    Prohibited sign types.
      1.    Abandoned signs. 
      2.    Cloth or paper signs attached to the exterior surface of a window or a building except a private, temporary sign in a residential area or as allowed as a banner.
      3.   Electronic message signs.
      4.    Flashing, blinking, reflective, inflatable, air-activated, or animated signs, including signs with an intermittent or varying color or intensity of artificial illumination, whether deliberate or as a consequence of a defect in the sign or illumination source. 
      5.   Moving signs.
      6.    Off-site signs, except those expressly allowed by this chapter.
      7.    Ribbons, streamers, balloons, or pin flags.
      8.    Roof signs projecting above the top of the wall parapet, or roofline, or mounted on a roof.
      9.    Searchlights.
      10.    Sound:  Signs emitting sound, except as expressly allowed by drive-through lane signs.
      11.    Statues used for advertising.
   B.    Signs that obstruct the free and clear vision of motor vehicle operators or signs placed in any location where by reason of position, shape, or color may interfere with, or be confused with, any authorized traffic sign, signal, or device.  A sign that because of its intensity of light constitutes a nuisance or hazard to vehicular traffic, pedestrians, or adjacent properties.
(Ord. 2020-41, § 5 (part), 2020)