Boxing and Wrestling
820.01   Definitions.
820.02   Boxing and Wrestling Commission created.
820.03   Duties of Commission; attendance at exhibitions.
820.04   President and Secretary; disposition of funds.
820.05   Adoption and filing of rules and regulations; orders.
820.06   Incorporation of Sections 820.07 to 820.18 in rules and regulations.
820.07   Exhibitions; license required; application.
820.08   License issuance; fees.
820.09   Payment of expenses; expenditures.
820.10   Supervision of sale of tickets and admissions; passes.
820.11   Withholding endorsement of exhibition.
820.12   Refusal of permission to participate in bout; stopping bouts.
820.13   Physical examinations; certificates of training.
820.14   Dates upon which exhibitions may be held.
820.15   Presence of physician required at exhibitions.
820.16   Officials at exhibitions.
820.17   Compensation of boxers and wrestlers; contracts.
820.18   Exhibitions for which no license fee required.
820.99   Penalty.
   Permits for boxing and wrestling matches - see Ohio R. C. 3773.08
   Disorderly conduct - see GEN. OFF. 648.04
   Obstructing aisles and hallways - see GEN. OFF. 660.12
   License and permit issuance and revocation - see B. R. & T. Ch. 804