During the sale of tickets preceding the main bout of any boxing or wrestling exhibition, at least one member of the Boxing and Wrestling Commission shall supervise the sale of such tickets and admissions at the door or gate in order to avoid as nearly as possible any opportunity for shortage or fraud in the sale of tickets. No passes shall be issued to members of the Police Division, but each regular policeman shall be admitted without charge upon showing his badge to the gatekeeper or doorkeeper. It is the intention hereof to limit this admission policy to regular members of the Police Division, not including special or private policemen. Passes may be issued only for one exhibition at a time and shall be limited to members of the press, employees of the hall or arena where the exhibition is to be held or of the person or organization promoting the exhibition, the participants in such exhibition, their managers, seconds and trainers and any active boxers or wrestlers. Except as provided herein, it shall be a violation of this chapter to admit any person to any exhibition without receiving payment of the regular admission fee.
(1969 Code Sec. 113.10)